Community Map

  • Mutual 5 is uniquely located close to all the amenities of downtown Leisure world, it is easy for our shareholders to walk to the free shows at the Amphitheater, to workout at the Gym in Club house 6 or catch the Bus to a Casino.
  • Planted more than fifty years ago, Mutual 5 still has five healthy Golden Rain Trees among our 270 trees growing on the open greens and cozy lanes. A Mutal commitment to carefree draught resistant gardens, can be seen in some of our carport ends which have been remodeled to save water and the cost of labor to maintain them.
  • Golf cart parking spaces have been developed near the carports.
  • Our 492 units range from traditional one and two bedroom units to completely remodeled modern units.
  • The Board: Seven devoted volunteers continue to oversee everything from major projects such as reroofing and re-piping to minor projects such as painting the vaults in the grass in a color that actually matches the grass. Mutual 5 celebrated its 56th birthday on May 15, 2018. We are proud that our healthy reserve fund makes it possible to pay for these much needed upgrades to our aging buildings.
  • We have rescinded many outdated policies, amended others and adopted new ones in an effort to update the rules of living in our Co-operative Community.
  • Eleven acres of shaded greenbelts wind through our forty-one buildings in an eco-friendly environment. We have installed three solar systems to help cover the electricity costs of our laundry rooms and Mutual 5 was the first to install Smart Burners for safety and reduction of electric cost.